Dental Herb Company DHC-TGTTS Tooth and Gums Tonic -professional strength formula,(alcohol free) 2 oz.


4.5 out of 5 stars

The DHC-TGTTS Tooth and Gums Tonic is a professional strength formulation of essential oils and organically grown herbs that are known for their dental health benefits.

Perfectly suitable to heal and soothe inflamed gums, the herbal extracts in the tonic help in maintaining fresh breath and in curing chronic halitosis. It is used by a number of dentists as a pre-treatment during prophylactic procedures for controlling bacteria.

This 2 oz. bottle is perfect for trial and travel usage.

Usage Directions:
The Tooth and Gums tonic can be used as a supragingival rinse or with an inter-dental applicator or brush. The product is to be used daily after brushing. Shake bottle before use. Take 1/3-1/2 capful of tonic, and swish vigorously in the mouth for 30 seconds. Gargle if desired and spit out. For best results, avoid eating or drinking anything for up to 15 minutes after use. Not recommended for children under 6 years of age.

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